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    About Our Company 

    The well – known real estate company of Bangladesh the “RF builders ltd. Has built numerous out standing multi- storied 5 star hotels or its equivalent apartment, shopping complexes and plots in Chittagong , teknaf, cox’s bazar and in different regions of the country playing a great sole in   housing industry. Well known “FG development ltd’’ has experience of several commercial and industrial building in Chittagong, cox’s bazar and also others various areas of the country. RF builders ltd and FG development ltd took a joint venture in keranihat satkania the 3rd largest as such project of Bangladesh named “City Centre’’ where 6-storey commercial & residential house building project is at fall swing.

    While taking up the project the main thought was to take development initiative in our own area and to change the fate of mass people by upgrading business, education, housing and entertainment facilities.


    Why Should You Invest

    The 3rd largest “City Centre’’ project of the country with pleasant view has been designed by experts. From local and foreign government approved architects, environmentalists & city planners. Think and consider! City Centre project has arranged all the necessities for you and your future generation I the same arena.

    The invest for “City Centre’’ shops/ apartment is the best investment of the present times because the project will increase 5 times compared to other investment. The has alluring eye catchy entrance gate.

    In this “City Centre’’ reliable office, show rooms of quality products, modern hospital including diagnostic centers, English medium school & college, bank, insurance companies will be constructed.

    There will be 3-D cinema hall with educational purpose for children, sports facilities and modern amusement system. Due to construction of proposed commercial establishments the value of the apartment of the project will increase rapidly.

    The project will give great opportunity to enjoy the immense beauty of nature and aesthetic enjoyment.

    The project is capable of sustaining earthquake and natural disasters.

    The price of the commercial space & apartments of “City Centre’’ is less than half the price when compared to other equivalent deployment.

    The stunning 3rd largest project of the country “ City Centre’’ will give you the great opportunity to make you a proud owner.

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    RF Builders Ltd.
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    FG Development Ltd.
    33, 34 Shah Amanat Market(3rd Floor),
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    City Centre
    Keranihat, Satkania,
    Hotline:  01678031236, 01678031246, 01678031239


    Saterday to Thursday: 09:00am - 06:00pm