City Centre Apartment & Shopping Complex


  • Hotline: 01678031236, 01678031246, 01678031239
  • Saterday to Thursday: 10:00am - 06:00pm

    Apartment Facilities:

    Electricity, water, road safety, space for prayer, Saudi Bangla school and College. Community centers, fire-extinguishing system alternative stairs, European Brand Lift, stand by  generators, PABX system, the waiting room for drivers, armed Management Office, adequate car parking, TV and dish antenna connection,  systematic  child entertainment, modern lift systems, wide aisle and adequate flow of light air supply.

    Building   Materials:

    Bathroom - Advanced sanitary, soap case, towel rails, toilet paper holders, wall and floor (and K / Fu-Wang equivalent) mirrors with light fittings, PVC Door.

    Kitchen -  Advanced Stein Les steel kitchen sinks, adjust fan, wall and floor tiles (in the K / Fu-Wang equivalent).

    Electrical - International cable, MK switch, circuit breaker, plug points, holders, electric meters, power distribution box, master bed room air conditions PowerPoint.













    Facilities  of the Shopping Centre:

    The facilities are The great entrance gate with artistic excellence, continuous security and metal detector system, place for prayers, malls,

    Soudi Bangla Hospital, play ground facilities for children games zone, gymnasium, convention centres, food courts, fire- extinguishing system, indoors side system, help desk, CC TV cameras  arrangement of alternative

    mu  IMG 20150117 WA0011  Playzone 3

    Stairs, European brand lift, two escalators as well as stand by generators restaurant, trade center, PABX system, storage of enough water,  adequate lighting arrangements, shops, banks, insurance offices, mega shop space, attractive reception, well oriented management office, adequate car parking and open space for movement and attractive seating arrangement for Visualising enjoying  natural beauty.

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    City Centre
    Keranihat, Satkania,
    Hotline:  01678031236, 01678031246, 01678031239


    Saterday to Thursday: 09:00am - 06:00pm